Building Debris Processing Equipment

с навесным оборудованием

Was it recycling waste or how to earn 1,000000 roubles?

The recycling of waste is relevant because, every year, the problem of the recycling of polymer products is becoming more acute in any city. Half of all the waste is a plastic that is not processed in a standard way.

However, the main difficulty in business would be not reprocessing, but waste collection and disposal. Ideally, we need to teach people to sort the garbage they throw out on their own, but it's very difficult. I can't do this by just putting the appropriate containers in the yards. In Germany, for example, there is even a special system of fines and rewards. If a man is good at sorting his trash, his rent is much smaller, etc. In Japan, recycled waste provides material for the construction of new land. Not enough to know, but 5%. Tokyo is located at a place where the sea has recently been.

There are no fines and incentives for people in Russia and Ukraine, which would force them to sort debris. Processing is also missing. Of course, there's power, but they're loaded and still don't work. However, few people know that even small businesses can do so.

Plastic waste management is also profitable, as processing products (polyethylene in granules, polypropylene, etc.) are highly demanded by construction materials, equipment and other products that contain these elements. It is particularly advantageous to process plastic bottles because they are much easier to pick and sort.

The first step towards the implementation of the plan is to obtain environmental detention and license. As soon as you have them, start looking for a suitable room. It should be at least 200 square metres and preferably located in the industrial part of the area or even outside (but not very far).

In the second line, take care of the search for equipment, it is manufactured in Russia and abroad (as much as it may be said below).

Processing technology looks like:

♪ The fragmentation. This is where the material goes to the baby.
♪ Agglomeration's a baby's petty coma. Product after agglomeration can already be sold, but it is often granulated.
♪ Limiting to obtain clean and quality raw materials. It can be sold more expensive; the market price per ton is 30,000 roubles.

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