Maculator Processing Equipment

оборудование по переработке

It's not enough to know that macculature processing can be very profitable. However, in order to organize its small business of collecting and processing macculature, everything will need to be carefully weighed and read out. Plus, there are certain difficulties at all stages of this business. So today we have to figure out how to organize such a business.
Let's start by refining maculature is a business that benefits people and the environment. Only half of the paper used is processed annually in the world. It's because Secondary processing of paper has certain chemical characteristics. If a paper or a cardboard is made of fresh wood, a very strong and quality product is produced. If the paper is a product of macculature processing, the relationship between the molecules is already reduced by 20 per cent with each processing. Therefore, the same paper can be processed at a maximum of 3-4 times. Then the quality of the product will not be so high.
However, refining the macculature is necessary to keep cities clean and to increase the forest area.
Two business options are now available to entrepreneurs.

The first option is to collect the macculature only and to convert it into combinations for further processing. This option would be good for businessmen with small start-up capital. In order to start such a business, it is sufficient to organize special containers in the areas where horizons will throw paper products, cardboards and other wastes and, approximately once a week (and if necessary, more often) emptied them and transported the contents to the combinations. Cargo and truck may be required for export.
The practice shows that in a larger city, this way, does not make further efforts to collect up to 20 tons of maculature per week. The value of one ton of macculatures in combinations to date fluctuates between 1,500 to 2,500 roubles per tonne. I mean, average. Maculature collection can bring 400,000 roubles a week♪ ♪ ♪

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