Waste Treatment Equipment

Оборудование по переработке

Tons, dozens of tons, hundreds and thousands of tons of garbage are released daily. More recently, there was a real threat to waste in the entire world. The problem still exists, but a solution has already been found and is being actively implemented. The most " literary " debris (plastics, rubber, construction materials), which is the most harmful to the world environment, is in fact a non-exhaustive source of very useful raw materials with high potential applications. And one of the most promising areas of recycling is energy.

For recycling waste into electricity and heat and there are our specialized equipment. Our installation. waste management capable of Recycle 1 ton of unnecessary and even harmful debris at 600 kW of electricity! There are also two Gcals of heat power! And that's the energy that's almost won! It's not surprising that these installations are now being used, in a business crisis time, in demand. It's one of the most loyal and timely investments, with incredibly cost-effective and quick payback. Of course, the equipment for electricity generation in waste processing is worth good money, because its manufacture is not easy. But this is a case where huge commodity savings and high energy gains are often higher than the cost of the installation itself.

In addition, in processing a variety of high-temperature debris, not only energy is generated, but other useful materials are also provided in various productions. This is particularly evident in processing without pre-classification. For example, medical waste disposal equipment or TBT will provide not only energy biogas, but also a number of melted metals that can also be reused in further processing.

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