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Since 2010, St. Petersburg has had a system for the regular collection of hazardous wastes generated in the home through mobile reception facilities, Ecomobines. The mobile reception centre is a vehicle equipped with special containers for the collection and transport of hazardous wastes.
There are now two " e-mails " in the city who travel on raids every day (including weekends and holidays) and attend each of the 111 municipalities about 15 times a year. Their parking schedule is prepared taking into account the proposals of the district administrations. Since 2012, new parking spaces have been included in the " eco-mobiles " , and residents can now deliver hazardous waste directly to the metro stations on weekends.
The hazardous waste collected by the " ecomobiles " is used to deactivate and dispose of specialized enterprises.

The hazardous waste reception station is a 3x2-metre wagon loaded on the platform.
Stationary stations work every day, without holidays, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Parking schedule of Ecomobila and stationary locations, you can find in section

The residents of St. Petersburg may turn the following types of waste free of charge to Ecomobile and Stationary posts:
● fluorescent light sources
● compact energy-saving lamps
• Mercury thermometers and other devices containing mercury
• batteries
● discharged batteries
:: Office equipment
• Domestic technology
∙ Trucks
• Domestic chemistry
:: Lacs and paints
• End-of-life medication.
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