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Переработка мусораDebris processing is not only a promising business with virtually no competition, but also, if you like, a good thing. Environmentalists have been alarming for several years - if human-induced debris flows do not begin to be fully and effectively processed soon, the most real environmental disaster is likely to occur.

Debris processing is attractive for investment

At present, the classic Russian approach to the disposal of debris, which is based on the container dumping/burning scheme, has become obsolete. Incineration of debris causes irreparable damage to the environment, to the atmosphere, to the soil, to groundwaters, toxins and harmful substances that are hazardous to human health. Debris processing is increasingly seen by entrepreneurs as a good start with relatively small investments. There is no shortage in the raw materials for processing, and there is hardly any, and analysts claim that even a relatively small garbage processing plant It's fast. According to production data, for example, 800 grams of secondary raw materials are available from one kilo of plastic waste. Thus, the profitability of production can be up to 80 per cent.

The organization of any production process begins with the continued supply of raw materials. The best solution is to start with the processing of household debris, to set up their own landfills in a convenient area. Initially, there is a need for cargo transport equipped with special compartments for simultaneous loading and disposal of garbage.Линия по переработке мусора It is the absence of proper disposal of household debris and the main and main problem of recycling. Rossian habits will not soon be a mandatory sorting of debris by type, as is the case in the west. And the relevant conditions, as special containers for different household debris, we do not. For the Russian entrepreneur, therefore, the sorting is possible only for additional payment and is charged to appreciable regular costs.

With limited investment, it would be prudent to decide which type of debris is planned to be recycled, in accordance with that decision, to develop a line for recycling debris. Universal lines require more substantial initial investment. In order to compare the figures, the following expert data could be considered: construction of a " zero " enterprise would cost about $20 million, with one line of reprocessing of $500,000.

Classification of solid household waste

Переработка бытового мусора Проблемы переработки мусора Завод по переработке мусора Цех по переработке мусора

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