Hazardous Waste Management

Утилизация опасных отходов и

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Many types of production imply hazardous waste as a product. Chemical, oil, lacuna and paint, all niche data require the assistance of a waste management company. Current technologies make it possible to completely neutralize potential harm and to obtain a secondary product from hazardous wastes.

Specialities and types of disposal of hazardous wastes

There are different properties of dangerous by-products. This waste group includes fire hazards, explosives, toxic waste, high-response products and congeners of infectious diseases. Waste may be in liquid or solid form, treatment and disposal of contaminated soils is often required. The main services of the Hazardous Waste Management Company are as follows:

  • Continuous treatment of hazardous substances and secondary production;
  • Removal of material and search for alternative uses.

After taking waste to recycle, the company performs its chemical neutralization and removes all dangerous characteristics. Waste is then used for secondary products. Frequently such products are artificial soils or additives for construction cement.

Toxic and waste hazards

There are five toxicity classes that determine the characteristics and requirements of waste management. The most active chemicals should be treated in a special way, and non-hazardous waste can be located on polygons for their own decomposition. Any chemical and other active waste of production is better disposed of. Toxicity classes have the following definitions:

  • 1 class is the most toxic waste, including fluorescent lamps, mercury appliances, galvanic electrolytes, chemical non-liquids;
  • 2 class is lead type batteries with electrolytes, secondary oil raw materials, various acids;
  • 3 class is precipitation of chemical clean-up plants, wooden spals, chemically hymes, laced material and glue waste;
  • 4 and 5 are low-threatening waste that is the least treated in recycling.

The characteristics that formed the basis of this classification also dictate how by-products can be disposed of. With current methods and modern equipment, the chemical activity of the substances is completely eliminated and reusable in different fields.

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