Industrial Waste Management

Industrial waste is most commonly the residues of raw materials that are no longer suitable for use in production, or other materials generated by metallurgical, wood processing, light, food and other industries.

Such waste cannot simply be dumped as domestic, as it is often toxic and threatens the safety of people and nature. Wastes of production may cause contamination or poisoning of water and land.

How do you get rid of industrial waste? The answer is simple, they need to be corrected correctly.

  • Industrial waste management is a priority for the Quanta plant - we have the most modern equipment and advanced technologies.
  • Our company deals with the disposal and destruction of solid, liquid and toxic waste. The specialized plant and skilled personnel allow us to dispose of and process all types of industrial waste except radioactive waste.
    Waste disposal speed, up to 500 kilograms per hour.
  • The collection, removal and disposal of industrial wastes shall be carried out on an individual schedule, which shall be based on the interests of the customer. A flexible system of work allows for pre-contracting disposal on holidays or weekends. Transporting waste is also our own way.

The Kwant Special Unit is a reliable partner for socially responsible productions in Novosibirsk, Barnaul and other cities in Siberia.

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