Rossy Garbage Disposal

Переработка мусора (ТБО) в РоссииToday, according to the State Corporation of Rosterechnology, which is the largest member of the landfill market in the country, more than 31 billion tons of untreated waste have accumulated in Russia. And their number increases by more than 60 million tons annually.

The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has been estimated to account for 400 kilograms of waste per year. And a four-person medium-sized Russian family throws about 150 kilograms of plastics, about 100 kilos of maculature, and about 1,000 glass bottles over a year.

However, the root of the landmine problem in Russia is not a constant increase in the volume of TBT, but rather a failure by the authorities to dispose of these waste. The data available from Rosterechnology show that at least 40 per cent of the country ' s accumulated debris is a valuable secondary commodity. However, only about 7 to 8 per cent of household waste is recycled, while the rest of the waste is simply exported to polygons.

In this regard, it can be argued that our country is going back to great money today, as today the landfill projects are a world trend that is interesting to both business and foreign investors. In Russia, waste processing, according to various companies, can bring between $2 billion and $3.5 billion a year.

Проблема утилизации мусора в РоссииFor this reason, foreign funds and companies, which have traditionally been very conservative of our country, have consistently declared their willingness to finance the construction of waste-processing plants in Russia.

This interest on the part of foreign companies is understandable: we now have the industry at the very beginning of development. To date, Russia has only:

  • 243 recycling plants.
  • 50 garbage disposal units.
  • 10 incinerators.

Indeed, they are clearly not enough to cope with the enormous amounts of TBT that form our country. Consequently, every new landfill enterprise in Russia will have a good payback, approximately two to five years.

In addition, there are no plants in Russia that carry out the full cycle garbage processing♪ Most of the domestic projects are still limited to the purchase of industrial press needed to squeeze the debris for further landing on the ground. It is quite natural that the possibility of obtaining a proceeds from the sale of a waste-producing incursion, which is primarily expected by foreign investors, is virtually unrealistic.

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