Mini Garbage Disposal

Paul Karin, 9 November 2015. Photo Dreiva

In the Big Sight Exhibition Complex, the Tokyo AutoCalon is held for the third time. In 2011, he was visited by 842,600 people, in 2013 by 902,800 and currently under 812,500.

We've already told me about the 44th autosalon in Tokyo, but I've been interested in Big Sight Exhibition Center pavilions, not as much as the organization of the exhibit, its differences from the motor show I used to be in Europe and America. In Japan, for the first time, and so naively, I've been waiting for one of the rows, robots there for the future. I waited for less. But some of the characteristics of the Japanese auto-salon have come up.

A sample of already accredited journalists needs to be made available, but the Japanese have succeeded in doing so quickly. The continued attributes of the local photographers are the staircase and assistant. The masks wear a lot, but often without a cliché, they chat on the neck, they crawl to the chin.

I imagined it differently, but the megaphoners at the escalators have a day of repeating the study phrases on Japanese, and the hour-long girl in the transition between the pavilions keeps the sign " Hold the left. " What's the deal?

The first is the expression of homelessness, with which the Tokyo Caravan began in 1954 and became international only 16 years later. There were flights (over 1,000 cars were exposed in 1985, and in 1991 the only time more than two million people attended), falling. Today, the ball is still governed by Japanese stamps, and the pans of Europe look uninterested. Attention is drawn to the fact that the unmanned Mercedes Vision Tokyo, the world ' s Premier BMW M4 GTS, has been put into the corner, and the great Folkswagen exhibit is no longer a premiere.

Flexible toy or airbag: all green elements of the kuzova are mined under the fingers of a centimeter to a half.

Nice little Daihatsu Cero belt even the middle-aged man. Homemade hosts a rodster, makes a pale, caring to the cross.

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