Waste Disposal Facilities

The issue of garbage collection requires detailed processing, as the waste management law has been amended as of 1 January next year.

The main innovation is that there should be an operator in each region who will be responsible for collecting, transporting, processing and disposal. In doing so, the waste owner will pay the services of the regional operator on a single tariff.
In order to do so, the region will need to meet two main challenges: the establishment of a waste-sharing infrastructure and recycling and processing facilities. The stumbling block is in the definition of waste processing plants. The residents are mainly opposed to such enterprises in their area or in their vicinity. As the head of the Anatoly Artamon region said, the emphasis should be placed on the conviction and information of the population:

This should be done by the public and not by the public authorities. The public should itself agree with the public to place such enterprises through reasoned outreach and so on.

With regard to the infrastructure for the separate collection of debris, the only certified eco-container in Russia for the safe collection and temporary storage of hazardous wastes is " ecox " . While such containers were used only in Kaluga, Obninsk and Borovsky. According to the leader of the All-Russian Environment Social Project Ekobox Alexandra Guseva

In order to fully address the problem of the disposal of hazardous wastes in the Kalius region, a thousand such " boxes " must be established.

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