Secondary Processing Of Plastics

Вторичная переработка пластика в гранулыThe need for recycling used plastics products to date in all countries of the world is particularly pressing. This is particularly the result of the fact that plastics have become sufficiently large, and these wastes have gradually begun to be filled with debris.

Environmentalists have begun to alarm because plastic refers to non-degradable waste, and if not recycled, the planet will soon be inspired in plastic mountains. In Western countries, therefore, in the 1960s to 70 years of the past century, methods for recycling plastic products have been developed.

In Russia, however, the problem of plastic processing has become more acute only at the end of 1989, different from industrialized countries. This is due to the fact that the plastic food package used in the USSR has been used for a long time in the world.Гранулирование пластмассовых отходов The increase in the quantity of plastic and single-time plastics dishes produced resulted in a sufficient number of this type of waste on TBT polygons.

However, despite this, in Russia at the end of the last century, the problem of the recycling of plastics was much easier because, first, its harmful effects on the environment were little thought about and, secondly, there was no normal legislative framework to protect our environment. The need for recycling plastics as a problem has therefore been relatively recent. Today, on the basis of the experience of Western countries, Russia has begun to apply the following: Processing methods plastic waste.

Plastic processing technology.

Today ' s methods of processing plastic waste can be divided into two main groups:

  • physico-chemical
  • mechanical

All mechanical methods of recycling plastic waste for reuse are included in the disposal of various plastics material, such as non-sustained or partially extracted fibres, non-conditional ribs and lithium waste.

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