Waste Destruction

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Head of the Ministry of Nature demanded the destruction of the Black hole.

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Sergei Donsky, held a working meeting with the representatives of the Below City, Volgograd and Tul oblasts, where the issue of the removal of environmentally hazardous objects, the dumping of industrial wastes, the Black Sea, the Igumnovo (Nigergorod Oblast) and the dumping of TB in Volgograde

"We can't allow another setback, you have funding, orders from the President of the Russian Federation and the Government, the Minister noted. - We cannot enter the year of the environment with such accumulated problems and without any idea how to solve them without projects."

To date, project documents have been approved only to destroy the dumping of industrial and solid household wastes in the Kirov district of Volgograd, which has polluted the city for many years as a result of the fires in its territory. It will be disposed of in two phases; over 700,000 tons of waste are planned for 2017.

The project for the elimination of the Black Chole was included in the list of activities of the State Environmental Protection Programme for 2012-2020, approved by the Government ' s order as early as 27 December 2012. In order to eliminate the landfill, the Ministry of Nature provided 2,1 billion roubles. However, in the face of scandals and trials, the authorities have not yet begun to eliminate health-threatening facilities.

In 2015, the contract with the first contractor selected by the Ecoros Company was terminated, which, after the study, recommended the destruction of waste by burning it without taking into account the risk of chemical combustion to the environment.

Subsequently, the Regional Prosecutor ' s Office conducted a review of the non-objective and inefficient use of funds, which resulted in the award of three years of a fraud colony by the Managing Director of Mikhail Morozov, and the Director of the Strategic Development Department, Dzerzinsk Natalya Fedoseev, to two years of probation for service fraud and abuse of authority.

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