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Krasnoyarsk closed garbage disposal plant♪ His losses were 60 million roubles. Soldiers are direct competitors of those who de facto own Russian landfills and lose in this struggle. The establishment of a user-friendly game by the State is a key factor in the successful development of a highly transparent industry.

In Krasnoyarsk, a garbage disposal plant launched two years ago was closed. Building on the support of the authorities, business has invested in environmentally important processing for the region. However, land was cheaper and more profitable than ensuring the cost-effectiveness of at least one link in the integrated waste management system.

Investors invested 70 million roubles in the project, and the region ' s only waste disposal plant was 60 million. The business owners have therefore decided to stop their activities, and the Siberia News Agency reports.

The launch was carried out on paper, plastic and metal purchases, which were then sold outside the region. The plant ' s capacity is up to 100,000 tons of waste per year.

"In the garbage dumps, they take about 32 roubles per cubic metre," said the Deputy Director General "Stroy Plus" is the Eugene Boys. The profit-making facility should take twice as many as 70 roubles.

The cost-effectiveness of plants also undermines the lack of a primary waste management system for the population, which significantly reduces the cost of similar production in the West. Small businesses could be actively involved in primary grading, and successful examples of this type already exist. But it should not be forgotten that the landfillers are direct competitors of those who have long and long been sitting in a dirty business and have de facto knowledge of Russian landfills.

The USSR has an excellent programme of reuse of glass packagings. The bottles received not more than 20 copies, but we have to look at the real benefits that could be obtained for these copies. At that point, it's three to four tickets to public transport. Not bad, with one bottle. And they were collected in the middle family for tens a month.

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