Non-Investment Garbage Processing

Завод по переработке мусора

Waste money
How to do a business on plastic bottle processing

Nine years ago, the Volgograde Roman Sebekin decided to build a house of foam. And he did it. It is so good that today the annual turnover of the Sebekin company, which handles various types of plastics, is about 4 million roubles. In Volgograd, 30-year-old Sebekina is called the king of plastic. Or a major garbageman. Or the " main green city " .

That we should build a house.

In 2005, a student of the Volgograd Institute, Roman Sebekin, was planning to build his home. There was little money for construction, but there was a small company for the construction of the foam. "The man always needs food, shelter and entertainment, nothing has changed in two thousand. Business in these areas is therefore profitable. My friend and I have chosen a "blood" -- building materials -- to tell Sebecin in the Delnament interview. - They made a production statue, putting a total of about $500 in this first business. "

Investments were paid in a year, but no special profit was given to microbusinesses

Having carefully studied the technology of modern construction, Roman has decided that the walls for a future home could be produced. It's a species of light concrete, composed of cement, sand and polish (i.e. foam). First, for the production of polystyrene, Roman purchased polystyrol granals, and then decided to " produce " a polystyrol on his own. "I used a polystyrene package from domestic appliances, televisions, refrigerators, to tell Sebekin. - I've been able to deal with some domestic hardware stores about the benefit of all kinds of cooperation: the stores have been saving for the removal of polystyrene to the landfill, and I've received free cheese.

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