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1 December 2011 - Catherineburg. The special facility is planning to launch the first waste refining factory, starting an eco-project for the public - waste management, nap. Eco-service - is being recycled for all car damages, eco-ofis - paper, office equipment, mercury lights, batteries. It is planned to open a single-point area in each city.

In Ekaterinbourg, by the end of 2010, four waste grading units and two processing plants should be established. It is planned that this will be the joint ventures of the municipality and the Sinara Group, which signed the agreement in December 2007. As the Co-Respondent of the UralPolit.Ru, Chairman of the Committee on the Environment and Management of Mountain Administration, Sergei Archipov, has said, this project is now in the land-use stage and it is likely that the land allocation process will take several months.

As officials predicted, the cost of building more than 3 billion roubles, one third of the Sinara team, the rest of which are planned from the provincial and city budget. The principle of recycling plants is to divide all waste into paper, cardboard, textile, plastic, aluminium banks, non-ferrous metal, glass. As the Archips said, this sorting is the most important part of the process of garbage disposal, as further work is much cheaper.

According to Sergei Archipov, the purpose of the project of such enterprises is primarily to reduce landfills, air purification, and profits will only begin in 10 to 15. However, the official notes that there are many obstacles to the implementation of ambitious plans. “There is no legal basis: there is no law on secondary waste and secondary resources in the regional body of regulations. In this regard, secondary-producing products cannot be given dominance, although they work for the benefit of the State. The second important point is that there are no professionals who can create and operate a garbage disposal plant. This is not taught in any educational institution today, so it is clear that it will be necessary to resort to the assistance of foreign experts " , which is being crushed by Sergei Archipov.

We recall that, at one of the last press conferences, Governor Eduard Rossel called the trash a huge wealth that goes to the landfill and promised to be more active in construction. garbage processing plants

on the Ekaterinburgh Administration ' s website:
The segregated waste collection system is one of the stages of transition to modern technologies for their collection, transportation, processing and disposal. Today, as part of a pilot project in the ŽBI microwave, activists are on each of the eleven container sites to tell the public about the benefits of the new project and help them to sort debris. There's a special garbage truck. And there's a waste on the polygon. Although TBT is not being processed, landfill officers collect statistics and make initial conclusions on programme effectiveness. With the introduction of the garbage disposal facility, these waste will serve as a raw basis. But it's in the future. In the short term, the pilot organizers aim to understand the extent to which the ecatherinburgers are ready to join the new waste management system. I think it's a challenge that needs to be taken!

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