Dumping Is Cheap

Perhaps one way or another, the problem of the removal of building debris has been encountered by anyone who has ever repaired the apartment, the office, the workplace or construction.

But not everyone knows that this problem has a comfortable solution.

We're offering you services for the removal of building debris. Quickly, comfortable and in a convenient time for you.

We'll take out, remove and dispose of any building debris after repair or construction.

What kind of shipment we can offer you?

Depending on the amount of construction debris, you can order:

  • Removal of construction debris by Pukto 27m3;
  • The removal of rubbish by Gazelle vehicles.

What if we're comfortable getting the building trash out on the weekend or after work?

Yes, please. We'll take your order anytime. Just call us on the phone: (812) 600 99 and our managers are counting the cost of removing the building trash, agreeing with you time, and consulting you on all the questions about the garbage disposal.

By the way, removing the building trash in the morning, evening or night is not just comfortable for you.but also profitable♪ Now, making an order from 8:00 to 8:00, you get a 10% discount!

Fill the uniform, and our manager will call you back immediately.

Can we order the removal of the building debris cheap?

We have a fairly democratic price for the removal of the building debris. Cost is calculated on the basis of the amount of debris, the amount of time spent on cleaning and loading of construction debris and your location.

Count right now, as long as you get the trash out. You're not obligated to do this, but you'll be better focused on dozens of offers.

Working with us is comfortable and beneficial. That's why.

We work:

  • Specially trained, polite and sober cargoes who will take care of the cleaning, removal and removal of debris after repair.

You get:

  • Full book of books.
  • Skills for two Gusel vehicles.

In addition:

By working with us, you're making your contribution to environmental protection. We're doing secondary recycling of building waste, which means that your building debris will not pollute the environment.

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