Methods Of Recycling Garbage In Roses

Environmental pollution of solid household wastes has consistently led to environmental imbalances not only in some regions but also throughout the world. It is not surprising that the elimination of harmful effects on the nature of such pollution is a problem that concerns not only Russia, but also the entire world community.

According to scientific evidence, each of the Earth ' s inhabitants account for about 1 tons of debris per year. And if all the accumulated debris in one year had not been destroyed and fell into one pile, then there would be a mountain with a height like Elbrus (5642 m). It is not surprising, therefore, that today the processing of TBT is the most real necessity for the inhabitants of the land.

Dumping systems

Сортировка и сбор мусора

Today, Russia is far behind the more developed European countries in processing solid domestic waste. This is primarily due to the fact that our country is virtually non-existent garbage disposal systems by his immediate source. Citizens do not classify household waste, resulting in unsorted landfills, where the sorting process also leaves much to be desired. Because of this, the depth of the recycling of debris in our country is markedly different from that of Europe. See how a separate collection system is set up in Germany.

For each type of TBT there is a container in German cities. The container shall be fitted at least 15 m from the edge of the carriageway in order to facilitate the operation of the trash.

The gray container contains only paper debris, such as old newspapers, magazines and boxes from the cardboard. Banks, bottles, paper and polymer packages are thrown into the yellow container. The green container is intended to collect organic waste, which is subsequently recycled into a compost.

Glass packagings which, for some reason, did not enter the yellow packaging container for packages should be placed in large containers, which are also located near the other containers. The bottles of green, white and brown colour for reprocessing convenience shall be sorted directly at the site.

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