Processing Of Garbage Is Interesting

Любопытные факты о вторичной

Interesting facts about glass processing
♪ Glass glazing produces twice as much energy as glazing from sand, limestone and lipstick.
♪ The energy stored in the processing of one glass bottle is sufficient for a 100 Watt light to burn for four hours.
♪ The energy stored in processing one glass bottle is enough to keep the TV running for 1, 5 hours.
♪ The energy retained for the processing of 60000 tons of glass is sufficient to launch a spaceship.
♪ The glass never loses its properties. It can be reused and processed many times.
♪ Glass glazing reduces air pollution by 20 per cent and water pollution by 50 per cent.
♪ Each ton of processed glass retains about 230 kg of waste from the development of deposits.

Interesting facts about paper processing
♪ Each ton of processed paper, paperboard and gofrocartone retained: 17 trees, 26,500 litres of water, 95% pollution, 1,750 litres of oil (11 barrels).
♪ The recycled paper cannot completely replace wood pulp paper, but it significantly reduces deforestation.

Interesting facts on metal processing
♪ The processing of one aluminium bank retains an energy equal to 0, 2 litres of petrol.
♪ The energy that was stored in one aluminium bank is enough for the TV to work for 3 hours.
♪ Steel production from processed raw materials saves 4 times more energy than iron ore production.
♪ The energy retained for the processing of 0, 5 kg steel is sufficient to operate a lamp at 60 Watt for 24 hours.
♪ Emissions to the atmosphere are reduced if energy is maintained. For example, in the processing of 1 tons of steel, approximately 1,100 kg of iron ore, about 460 kg of coal and 16 kg of zing remains.
♪ Metal processing reduces air emissions. For example, emissions to air decreased by 3.37 million tonnes in 1999 through aluminium bunk processing.

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