Breast Recycling Facility On Sundays

Photo: / Yulia Ivanko

After the shutdown of the Ecological Factory, closed on 2 September, the debris will be sent to other enterprises in Moscow province. On Wednesday, Anton Kulbachevski, Chief of Environmental Management, reported this.

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According to Kulbachevski, all the waste that burned down on the Ecological will be shipped to the Dumpsters in Podokowya. The Ecological Commercial Contracts have been reconnected with other enterprises outside the city, so the increasing environmental and health situation is not a threat.

The names of the facilities that will replace the closed plant are not yet reported in the department, but stress that the enterprises selected meet modern waste processing requirements.

Previously, it was intended to shift the Ecologist's load to a garbage refinery in the Rudayo and Vosresensk prom zone, but the authorities refused to do so.

The Ecological Veterinary and Sanitation Plant, located in the Nepaska area in the south-east of the capital city, specialized in the destruction of biological and medical waste. Every year, about 1,000 tons of garbage were burned at the plant, including animals, meat and fish products. The decision to close the plant was made by local residents, with more than 10,000 signatures being collected by the Gorans for the liquidation of the plant.

A group of residents also asked Mayor Sobyanin to address the environmental situation in an area where a large landfill was located in addition to the plant. Over the past 15 years, construction waste has been taken from the entire capital. The mayor promised that the site of the debris field would build a sports and recreation zone. As reported on Wednesday, the Moscow Agency, referring to the head of the Department of Environmental Management, clearing the land and clearing the Territory, will end in 2015 and will cost 300 million roubles.

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