Dumping Sites In Moscow

Solid domestic waste management remains one of the most relevant in the country. " 7,000 landfills, 1,500 polygons, 20,000 illegal landfills, all of which create the impossible conditions for the lives of many of our citizens " , was declared by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, during the plenary meeting of the General People ' s Front for Action. According to him, there was often nothing local authorities could do to make a solution to the problem of the destruction of TK from a dead point. Often, some questionable business and open criminality flourish in this area, in Moscow province, the question called for personal intervention by the President several times. Really, it was at the governor of Boris Gromov. At times, others are other solutions to the " turmoil " problem.

According to the Federal Act, all regions of Russia are required to submit territorial schemes for handling TCOs: indicate the location of polygons for waste disposal, select regional operators to collect, transport, process, dispose, dispose of and dispose of debris. To date, according to Vladimir Putin, the preparation of the necessary decisions has not been completed in 33 constituent entities of the Federation, so the deadlines have been postponed by a Government decision to January 2019. The President supported the need for public discussion and environmental assessment of the territorial schemes for the management of solid household wastes.

The Government of the Moscow Region has taken a number of steps to address the issue of the disposal of TCO under the federal programme. On 8 November, parliamentary hearings were held in the Moscow Regional Duma on the territorial treatment of solid municipal waste. According to the scheme, the number of polygons buried by TCO in Moscow province should be reduced, with only 13 remaining (referred to as many as 39 years ago). Each polygon will be a high-tech waste disposal and recycling facility. To this end, the most advanced technologies will be used: industrial grading of TCOs with valuable recycling components, RDF-fuel production, composting and others.

In addition, in the plans of the Government of Moscow province, the establishment of four thermal waste disposal plants. Their construction will solve the problem of dumping and release of toxic substances into the atmosphere. Which of the current technologies - gasification, combustion, pyrolysis or plasma - will be used in new plants, will be decided by the federal government.

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