Dumping As A Business

ingressimage_13579679135_d779b4e5f7_k.jpgPhoto: Jaroslav A. Polák

Musor is my problem.

Dirty palaces, stinking trucks under windows, overcrowded garbage containers instead of pure gas, are faced by virtually any Russian resident. The growing mountains of garbage can be philosophical, can write complaints to the authorities... It is possible to begin to deal with the problem itself by concomitantly creating their own business, new jobs, new use of used materials and a clean environment.

Anton Kuznetsov, a Moscow company called Sphera Ecology, started his business in 2010, thanks to a natural landfill that was observed in his homeyard 20 years ago. In the 1990s, when a boom of small retail trade began in Moscow, the owners of the larks dumped the trash in the yard of Anton's house. The residents were able to bury the carton boxes and take them to the reception centres. That period, according to Kuznetsov, was the starting point for him to set up a waste management business. After Anton was studying, when he had an opportunity, he realized the idea. This is how Sphera Ecology emerged.

A similar history of the establishment of Ostashkov SCH. Her founder, as well as the owner of Primex, a large company working in the clinging market or cleaning professional services, Vladimir Riyabichev didn't want to tolerate a bunch of garbage near the house or near the Seliger. Rabichev decided that a separate collection would help solve the problem. Since 2012, Ostashkov SCH has begun to accept, sort and recycle debris.

Your client better grow up.

Companies Separate collection Debris works with both individuals and enterprises, and in the corporate sector, the principle of separate collection is commonly followed by foreign companies, but the willingness to sort waste starts to be manifested by Russian enterprises.

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