Ikea Garbage Disposal

АНВЭНДБАР Скамья д/сортировки мусора ИКЕА Легко передвигать благодаря колесикам.AVENDBAR

Drums / garbage disposal

8 106.

Dimensions of goods

Width: 95 cm
Deep: 34 cm
Height: 59 cm

Separate collection required

Main features

- It's easy to move with wheels.

- Nicely closed loops prevent the risk of tying fingers by closing the cover.


D Wahl/L von Schantz/Johanna Jelinek

Dimensions and weights of package

Environmental information

It is possible to select components for recycling or energy disposal, if any, in your region.
Container d/garbage disposal:
Recycled material (plastic).

Selled separately

Useful information

It fits for glass, metal, plastic, newspapers, etc.

Care guidance

Container d/ debris:
Regularly wipe the tissue with a soft urine.
Clean the clean dry tissue.

Clean the clean dry tissue.

Why do we have such low prices?

Description and dimensions of the goods


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