BUMWORO ' s scope of activities is the reception of macculatures in Moscow and Podmoskovje. An enterprise may offer favourable prices, optimization of secondary commodity collection and delivery.

Urban development presents a challenge to the accumulation of debris and the expansion of landfills only leads to environmental degradation. Hundreds of hectares of once fertile soil scattered tons of waste, from which toxic substances were released into the soil and groundwater. Waste sorting and processing is a rational solution for the conservation of natural resources and the receipt of goods from the secondary people.

BUMWOR is involved in the collection and reprocessing of maquilature in Moscow. In the process of recycling paper waste, our enterprise has several tasks:

  • Organization of collection and sorting;
  • Payment of monetary compensation;
  • Work to prepare for the processing of the secondary, its removal to paper combinations.

If you're looking for profitable points in Moscow or underwater, please contact BUMWOR. The experience in the recycling industry since 1998, the logistics, the transport fleet, the close cooperation with the pulp and paper industry have been our advantages.

The company guarantees 100 per cent compliance with its obligations and ensures mutual benefit with partners and suppliers.

Which waste belongs to macculature

All paper raw materials to be processed are classified by type and quality:

  • Group A - Extra Class paper. Take this type of macculature the most expensive. These are mainly white paper and office paper, waste of production;
  • Group B is a medium class, including books, magazines, cartons, polygraph products;
  • Group " B " is a low-grade macculature (gases, smelts, cartridges) as well as paper with copy layer, black and brown.

The quality of the macculature is classified strictly by GOST, each group is divided into subgroups, for anyone. ♪ ♪

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