Debris Extraction

Каковы размеры сырьевой базы для перерабатывающего бизнеса? (Фото: )Current problems related to the processing of domestic waste in Russia are based on limited opportunities for the return of resources to natural and economic turnover. Debris-processing business is characterized by the rationality of high-cost and cost-effective investments. Moreover, such a business option does not require specific knowledge.

Business relevance

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, some 1, 6 tons of domestic waste, including more than 145 kg of plastics and nearly 100 kg of paper waste, as well as nearly 1,000 glass bottles, are released annually by the Russian average statistical family. All of this debris is a potential commodity base for production in the garbage processing industry. Debris processing as a business in Russia is among the most advantageous and promising because of the following circumstances:

  • The introduction of quality and affordable domestic equipment that allows domestic waste to be processed in small production areas;
  • Annual market expansion.

In addition, the Ministry of Natural Resources plans to prohibit waste incinerators that may be suitable for further processing. As in any business, the processing of debris requires start-up financial flows and all necessary legal and authoritative documentation.

Documentation package

First and most important instrument recycling garbage as a businessis licensed at the Ministry of Environment. Such a document should be received only. The license was valid throughout the business period. It's easy to get a license. It is sufficient to register as an IP or a GS with a simplified tax system and to organize an environmental assessment that gives an opinion.

A package of documents, including legal and project documentation for the space used, as well as a waste management business plan, describing the production technology and clearance from the fire inspection, CEC, water and utilities, is further collected. The process of collecting and confirming the entire package of documents takes about three months.

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